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ICHD 2024

15th International Conference on Hydrodynamics
September 2-6, 2024

About ICHD

Hydrodynamics has always been an important and fundamental subject for many disciplines involving the science of forces acting on or exerted by fluids, and engineering, environmental engineering, hydraulic engineering, petroleum engineering, biological & biomedical engineering, and so on. While many engineering questions have been answered, there are still many more that need to be addressed through field trial, verification and fundamental research and development (R&D). The International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD) is the forum for participants from around the world to review, discuss and present the latest developments in the broad discipline of hydrodynamics and fluid mechanics. The first International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD) was initiated in 1994 in Wuxi, China. Since then,13 more ICHD conferences were held in Hong Kong, Seoul, Yokohama, Tainan, Perth, Ischia, Nantes, Shanghai´╝îSt Petersburg, Singapore, Egmond aan Zee, Incheon and Wuxi. Evidently the ICHD conference has become an important event among academics, researchers, engineers and operators, working in the fields closely related to the science and technology of hydrodynamic.

The ICHD 2024...

The 15th International Conference on Hydrodynamics (ICHD 2024) will be held in Rome, Italy on September 2 - 6, 2024. The conference venue is the campus of the Department of Civil, Computer Science and Aeronautical Technologies Engineering of Roma Tre University.
The conference is organized by the Institute of Marine Engineering of the National Research Council (CNR-INM) and University of Roma Tre.
For the first time, the first scientific session of the morning will be a plenary session dealing with four fundamental interdisciplinary research topics.
We invite you to join the 15th International Conference on Hydrodynamics and the ICHD Community through the social media that will be soon activated.
All of you will be warmly welcome to Rome.

Dr. Claudio Lugni (CNR-INM)
Dr. Jacopo Serafini (University of Roma Tre)


New deadline of full paper submission
May 31st 2024
June 15th 2024

New Abstract acceptance notification
March 10th 2024

March 30th 2024

New abstract submission deadline
December 15th 2023

January 10th 2024

February 10th 2024

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